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Quality Control

(1) Product quality assurance

1. The valve products manufactured by our company are designed and manufactured strictly according to the technical specifications confirmed by both suppliers and consumers, and are tested and inspected strictly in accordance with the requirements of the standards and specifications, so as to provide qualified products within the contractual delivery period.

2. The quality of products manufactured by our company is guaranteed to ensure that all valve products will not have defects in material, design and manufacturing process during use. And provide all kinds of certification documents according to the owner's requirements.

(2) Quality Assurance Period

1. The products are repaired, replaced and returned, i.e. within 18 months from the date of delivery or 12 months from online operation, whichever comes first. Under the normal operating conditions specified in the product instructions, our company is responsible for repairing or replacing parts or the whole product due to material defects, design, manufacturing and other reasons.

(3) After-sales service

1. It can be responsible for free installation, commissioning and training according to customer's requirements.

2. If quality problems occur during the product quality guarantee period, the company will make suggestions within 2 hours after receiving telephone calls or faxes from customers. According to customers'requirements, technical maintenance engineers can be sent to the designated site within 48 hours for free maintenance.

3. If it is the customer's responsibility to assist in solving the quality problems caused by improper storage, use and maintenance, the necessary paid services shall be provided according to the results of the consultation between the two parties.

4. The company provides technical consulting services for various products at any time.



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